Wine Cork Wizard – great for kids too!

There are many crafts made with wine corks. Today I am going to focus on the Wine Cork Wizard!

As kids craft projects go, this one is really easy, not very time consuming and the end result looks great. In the past, the kids and I have made wine cork people to give as gifts to family.

You can make all kinds of cork people and give them to family and friends. If you know the persons hobbies and interests then you can make a cork person to suit.

What you will need….

First thing you will need is a wine cork.

Any wine cork will do, but I do find the best ones are the champagne or cheap bubbly corks because they are a good shape for a head and a body.


You will also need PVA glue, a dish, a glue spreader, a pair of scissors (kid friendly ones if littleones are involved), some googly eyes and 2 or 3 different colours of felt.

You can purchase most, if not all of these items in the supermarket.


Step 1 – Take your chosen colour of felt for your wizards hat and cut a triangular shape with the bottom edge slightly curved.


Step 2 – Now wrap your felt triangle around the top of the cork so it looks like a cone shaped hat. Using a generous amount of PVA, glue along the edge then stick it down. Hold it in place for a few seconds to ensure it sticks well.



Step 3 – Leave it to one side and take another piece of fabric and cut 2 small thin triangular shapes to create a moustache for your wizard. For this I chose to use the scraps left over from my hat, but you can choose any colour you want.

Overlap the 2 shapes at the top and glue together. Pick some googly eyes and once your moustache pieces have dried, glue your moustache and googly eyes onto your wizard.


Step 4 – Now for his jacket. I chose a piece of black felt for this, but again you can use any colour you want.

Wrap the felt around your wizard to see how long it needs to be. Cut out a long rectangular piece of felt and wrap it around your cork gluing it in place at the front. Hold it there for a few seconds to make sure it sticks down.


Step 5 – At this point I realised that a nose was probably a good idea.

I used pink felt for this and cut out a small circle, then glued it at the top of his moustache.


Step 6  – Cut out a hand shape from the pink felt, then go out into the garden and find a small twig. Break the twig so that it is the right height for a wizards staff. Put a liberal amount of glue on one side of the pink felt shape and fold it around the twig about half a centimetre from the bottom. Hold it in place until you feel it has stuck well.


Step 7 – Final step!

Glue your hand with the staff onto the side of your wizard and hold it for a few seconds.

He is finished. Step back and admire your little creation.



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      Thank you Bogdan. I have posted a new one that your kids might like. 🙂

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