Scrap Fabric Wreath – 4 easy steps!

There are many scrap fabric projects you could try, but today I am going to tell you how to make a wreath. Fabric wreaths are very effective and they make great homemade gifts.

I know what you are thinking, “but it’s not Christmas..” The great thing about fabric wreaths is they look great all year round and in fact my one is up on my living room wall right now and has been for over a year!

And as easy kids crafts go, this is one the kids can definitely do, as well as the adults of course. 😉

What you will need…

To begin with, you will need a ring shape. Wreath rings can be made from either cardboard, wire, polystyrene, willow branches or from anything ring shaped you might have lying around like an old large bangle or hoop necklace, or in my case, an old plastic scarf hoop. You can even use circular ice cream tub lids if you cut a hole out in the middle!

You will also need a pair of scissors, scrap fabric and a piece of either ribbon, string, wool, wire or just another piece of scrap fabric for the wreath hanger.

materials needed

Step 1

If you are making your wreath ring, then you simply need to cut it out from your chosen material to whatever size you would like your wreath to be. The size will probably be determined by how much scrap fabric you have to work with.

If you are using something that you already have ie. an old bangle or a scarf hoop, then this will determine the size for you and how much fabric you will need.

My scarf hoop was about 10cm in diameter.

scarf hoop

Step 2

Cut your fabric scraps roughly into equal lengths. I cut my scraps into 14cm lengths, about 2 cm wide, with an angled edge at both ends. You don’t have to angle the edges, it depends on what you feel looks best.

I also put two strips together back to back so the back side of the fabric isn’t showing. Again, this is a personal preference.

back to back strip

Step 3

Take a strip of fabric (or two back to back) and tie it around the ring in a knot. Continue to do this with all of your strips until the whole ring is covered leaving a space at the very top for a hanger to be attached.


Step 4

Now your fabric wreath is completely covered, all you need is something to hang it up with.

For your wreath hanger you can either use string, wool, wire, fabric or ribbon. For my wreath I chose to use ribbon.

Take your ribbon, or your chosen material, and cut an appropriate length that will create a loop for hanging at the top of your wreath. I cut my ribbon to 30 cm so when it is doubled over and tied on, it is a good length for hanging.

Scrap Fabric Wreath

And voilà, you have a beautiful colourful wreath in 4 easy steps!



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    Wow, I love this idea so simple. My 3 year old loves craft projects, we do at least 1 craft project a week, we’re definitely gona try this idea, it’l be great to use some of her old t shirts that don’t fit her anymore that way she gets to keep her favourite t shirts. Thank you 🙂

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      That’s so great Yasmin. Old clothes are perfect for this kind of project, if you do create one please send me a photo and I will put it up on the website.
      you can email me at


      Jill 🙂

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    This would be a great project for schools to use. I know a lot of teachers who are always looking for ideas like this. This is also very inexpensive and students could bring in the supplies needed. I’m defiantly going to share this with my elementary teaching friends. Would make a great mother’s day project.

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      Thank you Larry. What a great compliment. My three kids and I do a lot of craft and it’s always fun to create something beautiful out of just a few items.
      Upcycling old things is also very good for the soul. I always feel good about reusing items that some people might think aren’t worth saving.

      Thanks again.

      Jill 🙂

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    Love this arts and crafts are always great fun with the family thank you for your great content here

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      Hi Brian. Thank you. Arts and crafts are great fun and one of the best things about this project is that it isn’t messy. 😉


      Jill 🙂

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    It looks so cute and easy! I can picture that on my front door, thanks for the directions.

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      Hi Emma. It is cute and easy, that’s what’s so great about it. I’m glad you like it.

      Thank you.

      Jill 🙂

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    This is a good hobby, turning something that we don’t need anymore to an art piece. We should encourage especially the younger generation to do more of this rather than them spending hours and hours on compiter games. Thanks for the great info and i look forward for more.

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