Paint your Pebbles


My kids love to collect stones and pebbles, every time we go to the beach they end up taking home a big bag of them.

You can make an endless amount of art projects with stones and pebbles. They can be very versatile, beautiful and tactile and personally I think there is something wonderful about creating art from things found in nature.

In the past I have simply picked out some smooth white pebbles and put them inside a jar to decorate my bathroom. It sounds very simplistic, but it is very effective. You just place the pebbles into the jar and voila, you’re done. For an even nicer finish you can wrap some natural twine around the rim of the jar.

Pebbles in a jarPebble jar with twine

Another great thing to do with pebbles is decorate them with design and colour. This is a great craft to do with the kids, in fact the last time we went camping next to the beach with our friends we took back lots of pebbles and gave the kids some pens and they sat for ages just drawing designs on them and colouring them in.

The best way to design and colour on pebbles is to use acrylic paint. Acrylic paint will stand up to being outside if your pebble art is for the garden, but it is also good because of the vibrant colours you get. Although, if you are leaving your pebble art outdoors I would suggest using a clear varnish or outdoor mod podge to seal it, it will last even longer.

Buy cheap brushes to paint pebbles as the bristles will get roughed up a bit and you don’t want to be paying a lot to replace them. Use a wide flat brush for painting large areas and thinner pointed brushes for smaller areas and detail work.

Another great way to paint pebbles with little or no mess is to use paint marker pens. I use Posca marker pens which come in wide tip pens for large areas and fine tip pens for smaller areas and detailing. They have a great range of colours, can be used on just about any surface and are also perfect for the kids.

Sometimes it is worth giving your pebbles a light sand before painting them just to give a smoother canvas but in general if they are smooth enough you can just paint straight onto them.

Pebble Art

Next time you are walking along the beach, take home some pretty pebbles, grab some paint pens and let your imagination go wild.

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