20150912_132305Ok, so I could go on all day long about upcycled crafts. I have three children and we have done a lot of craft.

I can honestly say there probably isn’t much you can’t make something out of. All you need is some stuff that you probably have lying around at home, such as;

cardboard recycling, plastic recycling, old cd’s, old records, old clothes/fabric scraps, twigs from the garden, pine/fir cones, wine bottle corks, glass jars, glass bottles, cupcake cases, old worn out books, old newspapers, old teacups, old socks…….. you get the idea, the list is endless and these are all things you don’t even need to source elsewhere.

Other things you may require are glue, scissors, paint and brush, needle and thread and some upcycling ideas!

Other tools for craft that can make life a bit easier are a glue gun, a hole punch, sewing machine, staple gun, pliers and tweezers and many more.

CrafIMG_20141208_183533ting is the ultimate in upcycling, reusing and repurposing and you can do it just for fun or to make gifts or decorations.

Craft is definitely not just for kids, but it is a great thing to do on rainy days with them and it is also a great way to teach kids about recycling and to think twice before throwing things away.

I will be posting lots of crafting projects and ideas so keep a look out!