DIY Lightsaber

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away…. a young boy felt the force was strong within him and went on a quest to find his lightsaber.

My son loves Star Wars and he decided he really wanted to be Yoda with his very own lightsaber.

Initially, I looked at some online and in the shops, but they all seemed quite expensive considering what they were made of, so I decided to just make a lightsaber.

I went into my recycling box, my craft box and my kitchen cupboard and cobbled together some supplies.

Supplies to make your own lightsaber…

  • A wrapping paper cardboard tube
  • Two toilet roll tubes (kitchen roll tube will do)
  • Tinfoil
  • Black material (piece of black card will do)
  • Green tissue paper (of course you can use red or blue too)
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape

Lightsaber supplies

Step 1 (not necessary for kitchen roll tubes) – Take the two toilet roll tubes and attach them together at the ends using sticky tape. This will be the handle of your lightsaber.

Toilet roll tubes

Step 2 – Wrap tin foil around the two toilet roll tubes and tuck it in the ends, gluing it down along the long edge. Put a rolled up piece of tin foil in one end of the tube to close it off.

TIn foil handleGluing tin foil handleTin foil handle

Step 3 – Cut your black fabric or card to roughly 4 inches shorter than your handle and glue it around the tin foil handle in the middle leaving tin foil showing at each side.

Black fabricGluing black fabricLightsaber handle

Step 4 – Wrap the tissue paper around the wrapping paper tube making sure to also cover the end and secure it with either sticky tape or glue. This will be your lightsaber blade.

I use long sheets of tissue paper so there are less joins visible and to get more coverage in one go.

Also, you don’t need to cover the handle end, as it will be hidden.

Green tissue

Step 5 – Slide the handle onto the uncovered end of the wrapping paper tube and secure with sticky tape. You can also put glue on the inside of the handle, then slide the wrapping paper tube on, whichever finish you feel most-happy with is fine.

Finished lightsaber

And hey presto! You have a new lightsaber for your young padawan.

Here is my son with his, wearing the Yoda costume I made him for last Halloween.

Noah Yoda



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    I love the ease with which all the items here are very easy to make and with little resources.

    The light sabre looks very easy to make and robust! It looks stronger than the light Sabres you can buy at the shop. Do you plan on also providing costume designs for different parties/events?

    Did you make the costume as well?

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      Thank you.

      Easiness is something I definitely take into account when I am making things with or for the kids, along with inexpensive or reusable resources. If it’s easy to make, they can contribute and if the resources are inexpensive or stuff you are reusing, you don’t have to be protective of it. Kids are quite hard on things and they should be able to be, it’s part of their learning.

      Yes I did make the costume as well. I have always made the kids costumes. I am not a qualified seamstress by any means but I do have a sewing machine and a sense of imagination.

      In true upcycling style, I usually make the costumes out of old clothes, curtains and sheets and often fly by the seat of my pants really, but yes I would like to add costumes to my website also.

      Thank you for taking a look. 🙂


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    Hahaha, what a great costume you made! It really made me laugh when I saw your son dressed up as Master Yoda. I’m sure you kid loved it! The lightsaber is a pretty ingenious and yet extremely simple way to rock it on a Halloween party. The robe is pretty nice too. How about the mask? How did you make it?

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